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General Services

Alsaiar Travel, Tourism & Recruitment Agency offers placements services in areas like:-

i. Medical
Doctors, Nurses, laboratories technicians, Veterinaries and other health care professionals.

ii. Hospitality
Cook Stewards, Waitress,Hotel receptionist, cleaners, guards and Housekeepers.

iii. Automobile Industries
Drivers, Mechanics, Heavy machines operators.

iv. Professionals
Marketing, Secretaries, Ticketing, Airline Industry staff, Ground hosts, Air hosts & Cargo Agents ,security guards & personel….etc

v. Non Skilled Employments & Labourers
Carpenters, Welders, Plumbers etc & Labourers for packing, stuffing of containers and carriers.

Recruitment Procedures

Employer Part

I. Demand Letter
A formal letter issued by the employer addressed to Alsaiar in full details of jobs categories, number of workers, monthly salary,  contract period e.t.c.  and attested by chamber of Commerce,  Ministry of Labor and Kenyan Embassy in their respective countries if available.

II. Employment Contract Letter
This agreement is signed by the employee on the company letter head stating clearly and exactly all terms and conditions regarding the agreement between the employer and employee from Kenya.

III. Power Of Attorney
This letter is issued by the employer authorizing Alsaiar Travel, Tourism and Recruitment Company Ltd. to act on behalf of the employer in recruiting the required number of workers and to carry out all the necessary formalities related with the respective Embassy, Ministry of Labour and the related Agency of the Government of Kenya.

Alsaiar Part

1.We always select the applicants either by oral or practical test to be conducted by the employer.
2.We arrange interview halls & grounds and provide what ever is applicable.
3. We arrange for our clients local transport and other logistics support required for the purpose.

Medical Test
After selection we send our clients for a medical check up to our authorized medical centers of the respective Embassy of the country of employment.

We under take the following tests:
1. HIV/AIDS 1&2.
2. Hepatitis B,C,D,E
3. VDRL 1&2
4. Urine general
5. Stool general
6. RBS
7. Chest X-ray
8. Physical check up plus Pregnancy test (Urine & Blood) for ladies.

Application For Visa
For the assorted clients (Candidates) we apply the visa in the respective Embassy as authorized by the employer.

Ticketing And Immigration
The employer might submit necessary traveling expenses on behalf of Alsaiar to facilitate traveling as scheduled.

Orientation Before Depature
We tender basic courses to our clients before traveling overseas. Our clients are educated about their duties and responsibilities while overseas and informed of the working atmosphere there and the significant features of labour laws of the country of employment.



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Security Guards



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